Who Needs the Diet?

The Krisiloff Diet helps men, women and children of all ages. The diet is for you if you have to urinate all the time, have pain when you urinate or if you have to get up at night to go to the bathroom. The diet will help you if you leak urine, are unable to hold your urine or if you wet the bed. If you have pain with sex, pain in the vaginal area, pain in the groin or testicles, or if you have premature ejaculation–this diet is also for you.

The Krisiloff Diet is for people who have been told that they have “prostatitis,” “urethral syndrome,” “epididymitis,” “incontinence,” or an “elevated PSA not linked to cancer.” If you suffer from any of these problems and have not been able to get help, then the Krisiloff Diet is for you.

The diet has been developed by Doctor Krisiloff for those people who have sought help but are frustrated because they have not found a solution. The Krisiloff Diet has been used for over 35 years and works through an all natural approach. There is no need for drugs, surgery or herbs.