More evidence to suggest that the Krisiloff Diet might prevent cancer

Inflammation is being linked as a cause of cancer more and more. It seems logical that chronic inflammation leads to cellular changes and these cellular changes can lead to mutation changes at the cell level.

For the last 10 years,I have suggested that chronic Prostatitis could be a cause of prostate cancer. There are at least three studies in the Urological literature suggesting a link between prostate cancer and Prostatits. Because I have cured more than 10,000 men with my diet of their chronic Prostatitis, empirically it might suggest that the Krisiloff Diet might be the way to prevent prostate cancer.

This week I heard a discussion that GERD( esophageal reflux disease) could be linked to an increased risk of cancer by as much as a 78%. certainly it is definitely linked to esophageal cancer.

Because the Krisiloff Diet can prevent GERD, it also seems that the diet could be important in preventing this cancer as well.