What is the Urethral Syndrome and why the Krisiloff Diet will cure it.

Millions of women suffer from the Urethral Syndrome and most don’t even know it. The Urethral syndrome for women is the female equivalent of Prostatits in men. The symptoms are very similar.

The symptoms are urinary frequency, urgency to urinate and urgency incontinence. They can also include frequent nighttime urination,lower abdominal and lower back pain. Pain with sexual activity is also common..

Most women with Urethral Syndrome think that they have recurrent bladder infections and are placed on unnecessary antibiotics. They can suffer for years with no help and can even undergo unnecessary surgery.

Urethral Syndrome is inflammation and not infection. The way to tell the difference is with a urine culture. With infection you find bacteria on the culture. Urethral Syndrome is inflammation,not infection, so the culture is negative.

Because the Urethral Syndrome is an inflammation, the Krisiloff Diet will cure it. In my practice I have cured thousands of women with my diet,many whom suffered for years and had seen multiple Urologists before seeing me.

Just get off caffeine,alcohol and hot spices and you can be cured in 4-6 weeks.