How I discovered that the Krisiloff Diet cures chronic inflammation and that caffeine,alcohol and hot spices are the causes of inflammation in our bodies.

As a Urologist, some 30 years ago, there was a common problem for women called urethral syndrome. The treatment was painful and only worked for short periods before it had to be repeated.

One day a patient informed me that she noticed a definite correlation between what she ate and the development of symptoms. Soon after, another patient informed me of similar observations. Because I was searching for a better way to treat urethral syndrome and my mind was open to non traditional ways to cure this problem,I was able to formulate the Krisiloff Diet.

Soon women returned and told me they were cured.Because of this success I tried it on my patient’s with chronic Prostatitis and they were soon cured.

Then many of these same patients informed me that not only their urethral syndrome and Prostatitis were cured but they also noticed that their heartburn or their arthritis or their migraine headache ,etc. we’re cured as well.