How The Krisiloff Diet Works

Continued from the The Krisloff Diet. . .

The Krisiloff Diet, a simple, holistic cure for many different medical problems, essentially functions as an anti-inflammatory diet has been used clinically with great success for almost 30 years in thousand of my patients.

In the 1990s, to quantify my observations, I examined almost 2,400 charts of patients from my medical practice. The medical records of 1710 men with prostatitis and 675 women with urethral syndrome (all treated with dietary restrictions only) were reviewed. No medication or surgical manipulation was used. For patients on the Krisiloff Diet, 87% of men and 89% of women were cured of their urinary problems. These results proved for me that their problems stemmed from what I call an “allergic-like inflammation” caused by caffeine, alcohol, and hot spicy foods, and it showed that the Krisiloff Diet was highly effective.

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