What benefits to the Krisiloff Diet did I observe?

Over time, I observed the diet having great success in men with prostatitis — a condition which affects close to 45 million men. Then I found success in treating women with urinary incontinence. It also worked to cure children who were wetting their bed. In the last 10-15 years, I have used the diet in areas of prostate cancer detection and prostate cancer control.

Use of the Krisiloff Diet grew as my patients reported many secondary. Patients noticed that their urinary problems were being cured along with many of their other chronic medical problems. Heartburn, irritable bowel and rheumatoid arthritis were being cured as well.

Patients with heartburn or acid reflux no longer needed medication. Patients with chronic headaches, even migraines, had significant improvement or even complete resolution of their headaches. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis, especially in the early stages, were seeing their pains disappear. Chronic sinus conditions and certain types of of heart palpitations went away. Adult onset asthma, often caused by acid reflux, was being cured. People with “restless leg” syndrome no longer had this problem.